Sree Narayana Sevashram, Kancheepuram

Phone: 044-27225624

    Location :- Situated at the  temple city of Kancheepuram, 72 Km from the Chennai city.

    Sreemath Govindananda Swamikal, a disciple of the Guru had established this Ashram in 1917.  There was also an Ayurvedic Treatment Centre.  Around 1 acre of land was donated by Shri. R.M.S. Somasundaram Chettiyar who was a staunch follower of the Guru, for developing this centre.  When Cholera spread in the Chengalpett district, the services rendered by the Ayurvedic Treatment centre were whole heartedly appreciated by the people.  During those days of service and hard work, Sreemath Govindananda Swamikal was assisted by Sreemath Mambalam Vidyananda Swamikal, Hanumangiri Swamikal, Munivara Swamikal of pillayar chetty, Krishnananda Swamikal and other Sanyasins.

    Sreemath Govindananda Swamikal was elected as Head of Sivagiri Mutt, after the Samadhi of the Guru and Bodhananda Swamikal.  Then, the leadership of the Sevashram was entrusted with Sreemath Athmananda Swamikal.

    Sreemath Govindananda Swamikal attained Samadhi on 13th December 1930, and his mortal remains were buried on the campus of the Sevashram.  After prolonged service, Sreemath Athmananda Swamikal attained Samadhi at the age of 101 on 12th November 1969 at Kancheepuram.

    Now the Ayurveda Pharmacy at the Sevashram has ample infrastructure and elaborate facilities for admitting in-patients also.  An English Medium School following Tamil Nadu State Syllabus, having 1600 students is being conducted on the Munivarashram Compound, near the Ashram.  Lord Ayyappa Temple and Devi Temple on the Ashram Campus are centres of worship for local people.  There is also a temple and a centre for conducting marriages which are easily accessible to the ordinary people of the locality.  The Samadhi day of Sreemath Govindananda Swamikal is being observed as Gurupooja Day.

    Chathayam Day Celebrations, observance of Samadhi Day, weekly classes on the Tamil  writings of the Guru and yoga classes are the important activities of the Ashram.

    Secretary:  Swami Sadroopananda