Aruvippuram Temple & Mutt, Thiruvananthapuram District

Phone: 0471-2275545

Location:  3 Km North - East of Neyyattinkara Town

    The Temple and Mutt are situated on the banks of Neyyar - a famous river in Kerala - which flows through the rocky plain between two mountains. This is the place selected by Guru to establish a Siva Temple.  On the Sivarathri Day of 1062 (M.E.) (1888 AD) Guru consecrated the temple and opened it for all people irrespective of their caste, creed and religion. 

    This was an epoch making event in the history of India.  The Guru dreamt a society where all people live like brothers and sisters without any animosity based on caste and              religion.  This was the Guru’s message to the world, which was written on the walls of the temple.  “This is the model abode where all men live in brotherhood devoid of dividing walls of caste or race or hatred of rival faith”. Sree Narayana Dharma Paripalana Yogam, the biggest Social Organization in India was established on 15th May 1903 at Aruvippuram in the presence of the Guru. 

    The Guru used to conduct classes on Sanskrit and Vedanta.  He appointed learned priests without considering their caste and religion.  A Malayalam school also was conducted for children.  The holy places connected to the Guru’s meditation and other social activities, such as Kodithooki Mountain, the cave at the bank of river Neyyar where the Guru used to take rest are still protected as sacred centres. 

    The Aruvippuram Temple is a famous pilgrimage centre in Kerala where all people, irrespective of their caste and religion, can enter and worship.  

    The annual festival of the temple is being conducted for ten days in connection with Sivarathri.  During the first nine days, individuals will conduct the festival and on the tenth day the Mutt will take up that responsibility.  These arrangements were made as directed by the Guru.

    Now there is an English Medium School established in the name of the Guru.  Meditation Camps, Sathsangh, Classes on Guru’s Philosophy and yoga are being conducted.
    Secretary :  Swami Sandrananda