Education of Guru

As a little boy, he used to graze cattle in the company of other village boys .When he was five his formal education was started .  At the age of five, Nanoo began his education in the neighboring school in the old “Gurukula” model.From his childhood he exhibited prodigious powers of memory. He learned things quickly, and thoroughly remembered what he learned.'Madan Asan' was also a teacher ("Asan") who was learned in Sanskrit and proficient in Astrology and Ayurveda. As aboy, Nanu would listen to his father with keen interest narrated stories from the Ramayana and the Mahabharata to the simple folks of his village.young Nanu continued to be educated at home,under the guidance of both his father and uncle Krishnan Vaidyan who was a reputed Ayurvedicphysician and a Sanskrit scholar, where he was taught the basics of the Tamil and Sanskritlanguages and traditional subjects such as Siddharupam, Balaprobhodhanam and Amarakosam. Afterhis elementary education in this school, he became the disciple of a great Sanskrit scholar ‘Raman Pillai Asan’ of Puthuppally Varanappally familyin Central Travancore. He learned poetry,drama, logic, poetics and grammar from Kummampally Asan. Nanoo loved solitude and contemplation. During his stay at Varanappally he showed his talent for poetry. He composed some hymns and devotional songs During his stay in Varanappally nanoo was called Nanoo Chattampy (chattampy in those days meant "senior student' or "monitor") During 1881 nanoo returned from varanappally and started teaching children's for some time. From that time the people respectfully called him "Nanoo Asan".