Disciplines of Sree Narayana Guru


Kumaran Asan ( 1873-1924 ) :

Coming in contact with SNG, at his time age, Kumaran Asan was sent to Bangalore and later to Calcutta for higher studies in Sanskrit. His revolutionary poems had an everlasting impact among masses, Veena Poovu ( fallen flower) , Nalini, Karuna ( compassion ) Leela, Duravasta are only a few of his many creations which helped to eradicate caste evils. The first Gen. Secretary of SNDP yogam (1903) and the first Editor of “ Vivokodayam” daily. Died at the age of 51 yrs in a boat accident at Pallana.

DOCTOR PALPU ( 1863 -1950 ) :

Experiencing the bitter caste discriminations in his medical admission Dr. Palpu migrated to Madras and secured his medical degree. Later served the Mysore Medical Service and was sent to England for higher studies. One of the founder leaders of SNDP. Fought relentlessly against caste discrimination. Was instrumental in sending Kumaran Asan for higher education. MS. NARAYANI AMMA ( N.A-1981 ) : Attracted to Guru’s teachings at an early age. Identifying the difficulties faced by the college girls and working women for their stay , and directed by the Guru, Narayani Amma started a “ Sadanam “ ( hostel ) where admissions were given irrespective of caste or religion. Aisha Beevi, K.R. Gouri , Dr. C.K. Revamma, K.O. Aisha bhai were all the inmates of such ladies hostels.

SAHOBARAN K. AIYAPPAN ( 1889-1968 ) :

Aiyappan with the blessings and directions from SNG started his revolutionary experiments against casteism. In 1917 he orgainsed the first ever “ mixed dining “ programme where 200 people from all castes partook their food sitting together. Started a monthly named “
Sahodaran “ ( brother) . A rationalist of high order who even revolted to put forward a slogan “ No caste, No religion, No God For Man”.

C.V.KUNHIRAMAN ( 1871-1949 ) :

Well known teacher advocate, atheist and reputed editot of “ Desabhimani “, “ Kerala Kaumudi ” and “ Malayala Rajyam” papers. A close friend of Dr.Palpu and disciple of SNG, was actively involved in “ Vaikom Satyagraham”, was the Gen. Secretary of SNDP Yogam (1927) and author of many books. His clarion call to all the Ezhavas for conversion to Christianity had compelled the government to declare the historic “ Temple Entry Proclamation” in 1937.

R.SHANKAR (1908-1972) :

Ex-chief Minister of Kerala , the moving spirit of SNDP and SN Trust , well know advocate, a noted organizer, s distinct orator, R. Shankar rendered yomen service to the organization for its timely revival and establishment of many educational institutions. SWAMI ANANDA THIRTHAN (1905-1987) : A Brahmin by birth, Postgraduate degree holder, Ananda Shenoy’s name was changed to Ananda Thirthan by the Guru. He had faught relentlessly against the caste discrimination prevailed at worship places. He started a center to adopt the scheduled caste children and their upliftment. In 1923 he had walked upto Sabarmati Ashram and contacted Gandhiji.