Sivagiri High School

After the consecration of Goddess Saradha  “Vidia Devada” -  Saraswathy on 18th Medam 1087 ME (2-4-1912 ) gurudevan got this Devine power to declare   those who participated in that function, that the first and foremost thing to be done is to construct a school to uplift the untrodden and socially backward classes in the society.

After a lapse of five years, a school committee was formed under the leadership of one Sri. Ramakrishnan as  Secretary.  As prayed by the public unanimously  His Holyness Gurudeven was placed as President of that school committee. At the Ist instance Gurudev  himself  donated a silver coin for this noble cause.
After that  to complete the great task Gurudev travelled many places and collected funds for the construction of the school.
At that time one Sri. Sreenivasa Roa  was conducting a middle school at Sreenivasapuram under his management without any progress.
One Sri. Raman Pillai a native of  Vaikkom was  the then Head Master of that school.
At that time His Holyness Gurudev happened to understand that the Manager Sreenivasa Rao is unable to continue  the school due to financial inability and he is going to sell the school and five acres of land.

To fulfil the ambition , Gurudeven purchased five acres of land in survey No.3353 of Varkala village  with the old school at Sreenivasapuram as per  sale deed No. 2624 of 11th Medam  1099 ME of the Sub-registry Office, Navaikulam,  in the name of Sree Narayana Guru.
To avoid the inconvenience in running the school in the old building, Gurudev temporarily shifted the school to a building near Sarada Mutt, Sivagiri.

For the development  activities,   on 24th Kumbham 1102, another sale deed was executed   in the  Sub Registry Office, Thiruvananthapuram as No. 2664 of 1102 by one Easwara Iyer Subramonia Iyer in the name of Bhagavathy Madhavan for and on behalf of His Holyness Sree Narayana Guru Deven.
This property comes to 68 acres and 35 cents in  the following survey Nos.  in Varkala village - 3353, 3355, 3339, 3356, 3349, 3329, 3327, 3334, 3340 and so on. 
His Holyness Brahmasree Sree Narayana Guru Deven laid the foundation stone of Sivagiri Sree Naranaya  High School on 28-1-1100 ME (12-9-1924).
Even though Sri. K. Raman Pillai the then Headmaster was very effecient, as per rules, he could not be posted as Head Master in the Highschool as he was an undergraduate.    After that one Komath Kunjukrishnan B.A. was appointed as Head Master.  He continued   for only one year.

    Fortunately Dr. P. Natarajan who is known as the world famous Nataraja Guru had adorned  the post  of   Head Master.  During the year 1104 Sri. Nataraja Guru left from the post.  His successor  was an young man, an educationalist, scientist, a political, a social worker and a man of Intelligence, who rose upto the post of Chief Minister of Kerala, the famous Sri. R. Sankar. Due to the striking personality and restlesss and sincere work of Sri.R. Sankar during the period from 1104 to 112, the Sivagiri High School reached its peak and is considered as the Golden Period of the school which could produce prominent figures in all fields.  Justice  Mr. K.Sadasivan, Sri. Varkala Radhakrishnan MP,  Prof.N. Krishnapillai,  Engineer  Sri. K. Sukumaran, Sri. Muhammed Haneef  I.A.S,  Justice Mr. S. Padmanabhan,  Advocate Cherunniyoor Sasidharan  are some of the old students of Sivagiri High School.

    Now this educational campus consists of Sivagiri Sree Narayana Senior Secondary School, Sivagiri Sree Narayana College, Sivagiri Sree Narayana Higher Secondary School, Sivagiri Sree Narayana High School and Sivagiri Sree Narayana Medical Mission College of Nursing.
    Out of the above mentioned  property, 30 acers of land was given on Pattam for 50 years to The Sree Narayana Trust, Kollam during the year 1953 for starting a college at varkala in the name of Sree Narayana Gurudeven.

     It is hoped that in the very near  future this educational campus will become a great University Centre in the name of the Great Guru “ Sree Narayana Gurudeven”.