Sivagiri Hills

Sivagiri Hill, the sacred place of Mahasamadhi Mandiram of the Great Guru Sree Narayana Guru Devan.

    During the year 1080 ME Gurudev appeared at Varkala. Because of the natural beauty of the hill and springs and waterfalls at the surrounding area, Gurudev named the holy place as Sivagiri otherwise known as ‘Kailas’.

    The Sivagiri hills consisted of 5 acres and 99 cents in Varkala village survey No. 3414.

    The striking personality and divine power of the great guru had spread widely even at Government level .

    As a result of this the then Dewan Peshkar of Travancore  Sri. Subramoniya Iyer was assigned  this place in the name of Great Guru as per order No. 1 dated 17-1-1085 ME.  As compensation, an amout of Rs. 3/-, chakram 11 and cash 14 was levied as tax and issued pattayam as No. 1272 of Varkala village in the name of Gurudev.

    After a lapse of many years, in 1953 the construction of Mahasamadhi Mandiram started under the auspices of  the Great Devotee Sri. M.P. Muthedathu,Shornur.

    On 25th April 1958 Sri. Jawaharlal Nehru the 1st Prime Minister of India visited the Samadhi Peettam of the holy great Sree Narayana Guru.

    After going flight of steps from the bottom of sivagiri hill we can see the beautifully decorated Mahasamadhi Mandiram where the Great world Guru’s eternal body rests.

    The credit of the plan and model of the art and architecture of the Maha Samadhi Mandiram goes to architect Padma Bhushan L.M. Chittala of Madras.  The ever lasting prathima was designed by Arts Prof. Sri. Pasupathi natha Mukherji of Banares University

    The art and architecture of the Prathima in white marble at a height 4’ 4” cannot be explained in the ordinary sense especially the Great Guru is looking in the distant horizon as the prathima is alive.

    The inaugural function of the Maha Samadhi Mandiram and the Prathima Prathishta of the Great Guru was  conducted in the Sivagiri Theerthadanam 1967-1968 in between 19-12-1967 to 7-1-1968 along with an  All India Exhibition which culminated with  precious  functions of national importance.The Prathima Prathishta of the Great Gurudev was inaugurated in the early dawn of 1st January, 1968 by the then Trust President Swamy Sankarananda.