Sree Somasekhara Temple & Mutt, Peringottukara, Thrissur District

Phone: 9447867614

Location :- 16 Km away from Thrissur  town  in  Thannyam  village of  Peringottukara in Thrissur District.

    The landed property of the temple comprises of the land donated by the members of Thandassery family in Peringottukara, and that purchased by Sree Narayana Guru.

    Formerly, all activities were organized by the Sree Narayana Memorial Samajam of which Shri. Ravunni Raman was the President.  Later the Guru directed Swami Sivalingadasa to look after the day-today administration of the properties.  He established a Siva Temple and an Ashram there with the help of Sree Narayana Memorial Samajam.  Since the temple was consecrated without the prior permission of the Govt. of Kochi, a case was registered against Swami Sivalingadasa and Sree Krishnan of Karattu parambil.  Later they were punished by the Court.

    Sree Somasekhara Temple was constructed by Shri.Kunjayyappan Master of Thandassery.  The Guru consecrated the temple on the 9th of Kumbham in 1094 (M.E.).  The annual festival of the temple is being celebrated in the month of Kumbham (Star - Chothi).

    This Ashram is well known for sathsangh, Guru’s Birthday Celebrations, observance  of Mahasamadhi, Seminars and classes on Guru’s Philosophy.

    Swami Subhangananda is the Secretary.