Thuppeswara Temple & Guruprabhavashram, Pazhanji

Kunnamkulam, Thrissur District
Phone: 0488-5274824

    Location: 5 Km West of Kunnamkulam

    This temple was established by an ancient Nampoothiri family.  Later a sale deed was executed transferring the ownership of the property to Sree Narayana Guru for a sum of Rs. 300/-
This Siva Temple had a small Sanctum Sanctorum, a compound wall and a portico.  Once the Guru visited this temple and instructed to remove the Sivalinga and to renovate the temple.  Later Sivalinga Swamikal consecrated the Sivalinga. Brahmasree Amruthananda Swamikal conducted Havanam (a ritual) for 41 days.

    Recently under the leadership of Swami Avyayananda, the temple was renovated and a Gurumandir was constructed.  The rituals in the temple are very popular.

    The annual festival is being conducted on the day of Sivarathri.
    Secretary : Swami Avyayananda